Tears of the Moosechaser is not my normal cup of tea. It feels more like a swig of Absinthe. It can transport you into turn of the century hallucinations. The funny thing is that parts of Songs for a Sinister Woman would seriously creep me out if I were to listen to them in the dark but other songs feel as comfortable as the warm embrace of a knitted afghan my grandmother made me.

Alder Bloom - American Pancake

"...Their sound is indeed predicated on fusion, since it is an amalgamation of different genres and subgenres, as well as styles and techniques. Each song has its own mood, just as each song evokes its own imagery, like old Depression era photographs of dust bowl shack towns and filthy-faced folk, piles of animal bones in the dirt, Johnson family vagabonds hopping the unlocked freights out of small desert towns for large metropolises, burlesque houses and old-time harlots lounging on dusty sofas, drunkards stumbling down dark alleyways in the post-midnight hours, love stories, tragedies, rustic scenery, the seemingly endless stretches of highway and blurry miles to the weary traveler, and so on in that way. Also, it is highly texturized music, at once both savage and refined, mad and sane, bitter and sweet, ugly and beautiful, dark and light, rural and urban, and old-timey and modern, among a good many other contraries. But above all it is a fusion of wood and rusty metal. Wood and rusty metal."

- James Carlson - Roots Music Examiner

"I suppose if Tom Waits wasn't born in California but rather underneath a moonshine still in Kentucky then you'd have Tears Of The Moosechaser ... "A Lonesome Fog" screeches and scrapes with a mix of country, avant-garde, and bluegrass to create a sound I can't say I've ever heard before. It's exciting, creepy, inquisitive and original. All the while wrapping itself around a Western filled with spurs, dust, tumble weed and whiskey."

- Brad Tilbe - Delusions of Adequacy

"Hey, Everyone! Go listen to Tears of the Moosechaser. Then like them on Facebook. Then get their record. Then like them in real life. Then listen to the record over and over. Then wander into the desert blind drunk on backyard-distilled hooch with rattlesnakes in both hands until you find a place to found a town whose chief exports are woven yucca-leaf baskets and highwaymen. Yeah, it's that good."

- Jeffery Amos - 710 Split Comedy

"Bravo, What a great contribution to dark roots, gothic Americana, insurgent country, and lo-fi mechanical noise over a backdrop of organic instrumentation! You can call me an Instant fan."

- Urban Artist Group - No Depression

"The name alone is enough to spark inquiry, curiosity, and possibly a riot!"

- Kirpatrick Thomas - Spindrift

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