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Tears of the Moosechaser's Debut Album

"Songs for a Sinister Woman"

Released Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Eco-Friendly package includes album art By Dave Quion and 11 Songs of Sand and Whiskey.

Available at live shows and shady backroom deals worked out in undisclosed locations with members of the group. For those too far away to find us in person but who want somthing physical to hold, Disks can be ordered at CD Baby and Amazon.
Also available on iTunes


there was a well earned burn
from the scorching of the sun
clothes all torn to smithereens
and the gleam of sea salt dried
how one survived
a blinded eye
stood lone upon the sands
hand lifted to the sky
he said

"lofty ship that brought me here
rise up from murky depths
take me further still, beyond this vision,
end this pain to which i wake
repeating endlessly
a shadow on a shadows trail into the gale of hell"

this fall shan't be the last fate
as we trade the weight of karma's hand
cause everyone deserves a chance to know just what it is they love to hate
so while the outer's unaware of inner's dwelling on the poison plate of payback
Boy... you know

whispering ghosts from old colts stole,
still hot from hells discharge
angry lead with vengefulness for justice none the less
spoke first and fell the foe
before he held him to the ground
and looked into two eyes
he said

"one of these belongs to me"
and wasted no more time
the knife appeared, plunged soft and scraped the bone and blackness fell
he walked away while the other one lay there
screaming and fingering
a bloody cavity

though I fall
I shall not be
cast down utterly...
for the lord holds all in his hand

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Old man Lonesome
snuck in with the sunshine
that burns through my eyes
into the ache in my head
by the pills and the bottles
meant to
chase dead memories
and that old coo coo clock away

I give up ghost
lead the way to the valley
a stir of leaves
and I'll play you a little tune
the quietude
when the music's concluded
hums to remind me
i aint never alone
whispers softly
you aint never alone

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sleeping medicine to pass the time
my mind a tangled string of beads
rides gondalas through bleeding streams
into a leaky sink
koala hearts slice viciously
then stitch me up all nice and clean
still comatose from self implosion

its the great outpouring and the souls sent souring
the stalking hawk's sweeping cold calm hollow cry
the diesel rhyme
the darting rabbit's gambit

teeth marks on my skin again
every day for thirteen weeks
what's doing this to me?
what's doing this to me?
what keeps doing this to me?
The stale simplicity of working
slipping gears of all I dreamed would be
The time has come

To write the story to unfold before me
and leave the carcass in this well worn rut behind
To taste my purpose I'll face every hazard
I'm gonna play with fire
I'm gonna burn this house down
then run like hell or snuff it

when I'm out on that road
the point's the broken pattern
when i'm makin that wager
the bet's on me to fly
I'm leavin that lonesome fog behind me
I'm gonna spread the fire
I'm gonna burn your town down
just try like hell and stop me

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When the skyline's
bathed in the afterglow
come out, come to The Shindy

coyote's crying out
cactus stands guard
tie your ride
come inside
buy yourself a drink
and one for me

bruno toasts the keep
here's to those thighs
lifts his pint
dew drops crator
silhouette moon
through which his hand plays

her scent peppermint,
her leg a stump
molly's red painted nails
in fingerless lace
glide up the rail of the staircase
intimating fold

caravagio calling a bluff
gunshot blast,
broken glass
and a jack of hearts falling down
onto the dusty floor

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upon a hillside not far from Budapest
i found a place to lay my burdens down and rest
that old vagabond song to which I was listenin'
stirred up a chorus trying to call me back home again

they're erie voices rang out
come home come home son
I breathless tried to scream back
I'm not I'm not done

cause in this distance crossed I've learned a better way
to stop and see the little things and move my feet when I pray
so if I return home I know I'm bound to roam
just like I have from every other place I've left along this road

so I must say out loud
this whole world is my home
just to remind myself
it has always been my home, my home

its the faces not the places they're what mean the most you see
and the one i'm searching hardest for is one inside of me
yet every face I meet's a mask I wear forever more
and when I know them then I know this motion and my self in one accord

Allons! Allons! the open road awaits stretching on and out before us
Allons! Allons! come travel on the earth there's much to see yet beyond
Allons! Allons! the open road will teach lost then found with time to prime the soul
Allons! Allons! leave all behind there's more to find as we learn to
come and go - to and fro - ebb and flow

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bodies carve upon our soul
lies never told
attending the passage way down where we unfold

fading light drifting down from on high
dancing glint's steal of our lips skin away
soft and hard change
caught up in the wake
where the old not erased slowly drifts to new

so when the time comes
to tell truth to blue depths
we'll break just to know breath in liquid

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"run like hell" swirled cyclone masses screaming
"all the womens gones crazy"
swept up a moments madness
robbed of time to reconsider anything
betwixt the fisticuffs down on the jetty over little row boats
some jumped in and swam

trapped between those crayon skies
and vicious laughter,
cute eye cruelties,
lollipop horrors forever more inside of loves brick walls
"climb aboard to save yourselves"
a captain with a whiskey bottle
threw a ladder down

out there on the water no sight of shore
(for miles around and endless days )
breathless wet and tired lived aboard a madman's vessel

the captain grinned
the devil calls
we sail for hell tonight
then shouted
"hold her tight boys
raise the canvas
man the mast
and turn t'wards starboard"
wriggling and writhing
swooping up from underneath a swarthy lot above the bilge

the net had pryed
from fingers of the deep amongst the fishies
something that provoked this strange reaction
and he just
hasn't been the same since
he started wearing that squalid wedding dress around
and singing songs of sand and whisky

pass around the bottles for we set out on our way
to a land with all them scary island fairies
who will offer up drink
to those who dance the beach in measured time

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Behind a curtain
the bustle
the rustle
settles to a hush

ushers dousing
house lights announcing
please take your seats

waiting, waiting...waiting
pull the grand rag away

I dangle dance to light
and they just laugh
and they just laugh at me
while I

my love,
my loving sin,
only now you're sitting next to him
as his royal concubine
so why dont you
just laugh at me with them
shouldn't you
be by my side?

the bitter wrath of
your jealous king
starving in chains
awaiting a guillotine

one dance of breath and tongue
to build your temple walls inside the Ghost
this alter spilt

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hazy honeysucklin' bee,
high on springtime
i dream you across the blur
swinging lights strung from a rusty roof
afterglow to our two step
on creakin clouds under foot
while the rain pours down
you hold me murmurin':
"you smell of cocoa butter and my saliva"

when will you be real for me... again?

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Widow children
under your shadow
a heart ever bleeds out but she's lying still
a black and gray dress
from the past
cast in
dim light
where your wounds show
hand to the dull edge of heaven

aren't you
tired of
running away


you shot the daughter
and you shot the boy
and left the old dogs eyes etched like yours

tears on the daughters cheek
dried clutching an angel
the boys eyes still open surveyed remains
in bashed bags of grain
sprawled out in disaray
while the growl of an old coward dog
turned a whimper as it

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We're really all crazy
I see it so much in my life
the world is ever changing
no the things will never be the same as they were once before

this evolution is taking place
evoke what is within
goodness is not what has been
it is ever what shall be

word rushin in
like a peaceful morning wind
its comin through me
but I step back
scared cause I feel it movin me along

this evolution has taken place
evoking what is within
goodness is not what has been
it is ever what shall be

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